Jailbreak iOS 10 For Iphone, ipad Final Updated Version

Jailbreak iOS 10:

Apple devices are very popular all over the world. For a while, it was quiet around the Jailbreak for the latest version of Apple’s iOS 10 operating system. Last year, the famous hacker Luca Todesco released a jailbreak tool for iOS 10 which was impressive with several errors. Less for regular users and tend to be highly experienced developers and users. With the Yalu10.2 Jailbreak, Todesco has already released a jailbreak tool for iOS 10 -10.2. Jailbreak iOS 10 final version here to download.

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To use the Yalu10.2 Jailbreak, you must have iOS 10 – iOS 10.2 installed on your iPhone. The following is a list of devices compatible with this operating system:
• IPhone 6s / 6s Plus
• iPhone SE
• IPhone 6/6 Plus
• IPad Pro
• IPad Air 2 (from the Beta 7)
• iPod touch 6G
• Iphone 5s
• IPad Air
• iPad mini 4 (since beta 7)
• IPad mini 2 and 3

Status for iOS 10 Jailbreak:

With the Jailbreak “Yalu102” for iOS 10 – 10.2, an active jailbreak is currently available for download. The tool is now in the seventh version and works much more stable than initially. The Yalu102 Jailbreak is compatible with all 64-bit iPhone models from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s. Since this is not an “unrelated” jailbreak, it has to be installed every 7 days on the respective device. The jailbreak of Yalu10.2 is currently the only option for iOS jailbreak devices in the 10.0-10.2 versions of iOS.

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What will you need to do the Jailbreak?

In addition to a compatible device, you also need the following:

• A computer with Windows or MacOS.
• An Apple ID or a free or paid developer account you can make from appleid.apple.com
• The latest version of iTunes has been installed
• Cydia drive
• The jailbreak tool: Yalu102

jailbreak ios 10.2 iphone

Preparations and Precautions before Installation:

Before installing the jailbreak on your iPhone, consider some of the following options:

The process of installing new versions of iOS is easier every year, but it is still recommended. Make a complete backup of your device for the update to make sure all your data is safe and secure, in the slightest possibility that something is wrong.
To save via iCloud via iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch, go to Settings -> iCloud -> Backup, activate the “iCloud Backup” option and press the “Save Now” button.

ios 10.3.1 jailbreak download

If you prefer to store your computer instead of backing up everything in the cloud, connect the gadget to your Mac / PC using the device’s USB cable and open iTunes. Click on the device icon, select the “Summary” option and click “Save Now.” Turn off the “Search for my iPhone” and “Password” function and activate the flight mode on your iPhone to avoid problems during the jailbreak process.

How to Install?

Step 1:
Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using the flash cable.
Step 2:
Back up your data with iTunes or icloud, so you can access your data in the event of the error.
Step 3:
Disable your Code / TouchID on your device under Settings -> ID Type and Code.
Step 4:
Disable Find my iPhone on the device under Settings. The article can be found in Settings -> iCloud -> Search on my iPhone.
Step 5:
Open/install Cydia Impactor on your device.
Step 6:
Drag the Yalu IPA file to the Cydia Impactor program.
Step 7:
You now get Cydia Impactor for your Apple ID and your Apple ID. Give them.
If you have developed an Apple Developer account, use this login information because the application is longer.
Step 8:
Wait until Cydia Impactor has installed the Jailbreak application on your device.
Step 9:
After completing this process, disconnect the device from the device and go to Settings -> General -> Profiles and enter Trust. Then, click again on the certificate that was used to install the Jailbreak application.
Note: If you have registered an Apple developer account, you can skip this step.
Step 10:
Now open the “mac_portal” jailbreak application on your device on the home screen and wait 10 to 15 seconds for the application to do it all. Now you have Cydia on your home screen.

Important Information:

The jailbreak is a semi-independent jailbreak. It means that you must re-enable the jailbreak after each device restart. You can do this simply by taking step 10.

yalu jailbreak,

If you have your normal AppleID and do not have a registered Apple Developer account, you must repeat the process every 7 days because the certificate is only valid if it is valid. Simply start the process from step 5.
If you have a new jailbreak, you will not lose any data, settings, settings or anything else. If you have developed an Apple account, the certificate will take one year.You can also download here Recuva Pro 1.52 Crack.


Here are some advantages of Jailbreak iOS 10:
Siri does more tasks than the previous version.
– With iOS 10, users can express themselves even more with emulsions, heartbeats, poisons, sketches, and manuscripts.
– Allows users to delete their own Apple applications, such as compass, voicemail, and shares.
– Smarter and more advanced maps
– New design in Apple music.
– The control center can be divided into several screens.
There are some disadvantages of iOS 10, which is also very important:


– Game Center does not work.
– The touch screen does not respond to iOS 10.

Final Verdict:

Jailbreak iOS 10 is more secure and has more beautiful features than previous versions. It offers users a fresh new experience of Apple’s changing technology. To test an entirely new and fully protected version, you must upgrade your device to iOS 10.

Download Link here.


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